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Information about reporting

To report a ring you can use one of the three methods described below:

- Simplyfied registration only for reading of colour ringed birds in the field.
- Log in with a password.
- You will have immediate ringing information about the bird (if the data is received). If the bird has been controlled after ringing you will also get these data.
- Later you can log in and find out if new controls have been registered.
- You can receive mail alerts if and when new controls of your reported birds are controlled.
You can ask for access to register more than one control at the same time:
- To get this permission you have to be accepted by the administrator.

- All other reporting except colour ringed birds in the field should be done here.
- Ringers and other people with experience can also use this report scheme.
- The rest is the same as the first one.

3) We prefer that you use one of the first two options.
- The simple method does not demand that you register as a user.
- You can receive information by mail or e-mail.
- You will receive information about all recoveries/controls of the ringed bird, but further information will not be available.
- You will not get the information until the administrator has checked it.
- You can not find more information about the bird on the internet.