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Search options:
- You can search for a metal ring number by typing in the whole number, e.g. 4244100
- You can search for a code on a colour ring by typing in the alphanumeric code. These will be searched for in all ring types, e.g. J00P
- You can search for a full colour code by typing in the whole code., e.g. LBBW(J00P);RBM
- You can search for a reference number by typing in the whole reference number, e.g. G00000010
- You will only see the rings that you have permission to access.

We have released the data for two of the birds as a demonstration of the presentation of the data. Now everybody can search for J1K0 or JJK8 to see the data for these two birds.
Ringing data = Ringing data, Not verified finding data = Not verified finding data, Verified finding data = Verified finding data,
Not accepted finding data = Not accepted finding data, Under processing = Under processing, Waiting for ringing data = Waiting for ringing data, Upload picture = Upload picture
Sex M = Sex M, Sex F = Sex F, Dead = Dead